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Need help with my writing homework on The difference in speech between male and females-is there a difference in speech between men and women. Write a 3500 word paper answering; We usually adore the other regions or culture of country for instance we usually say that “I adore the Irish or an Italian accent” but in essence we cannot appreciate the culture of a country without being aware of their language.

Prior to coming to the theories and models related to sociolinguistics, the meaning and definition of sociolinguistic must be cleared. As explained by its name, Sociolinguistic refers to the connection between society and language. The way we practice the linguistics in wide variety of situations, all is covered under the area of sociolinguistics. It includes the way men and women speak to each other as well as the study of broad range of dialects across a particular area. Sociolinguistic also reveals the humorous facts of the speech of human and the way by which language describes the gender, age, social class and background of the speaker.

Sociolinguistics provide a great deal of learning in order improve the way one speaks and interacts with each other. Generally, in our society, those people who possess good communication skills and are very polite and profound while conversing are considered as respectful, sensible, mature and well-mannered (Explore Linguistics, 1997).

The importance of language and symbols used in a specified community usually differs from other for instance some symbols or words which are acceptable in one country might be considered as abusive and offensive in another country. Sociolinguistics keeps into consideration the relevant symbols and words for each community.

The core purpose of sociolinguistics is to study how the varieties of languages differentiate between groups on the basis of certain social variable including status, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, level of education etc.

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