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Write a 9 pages paper on no child left behind act. The “No Child Left Behind” title originates from the Act’s goal of helping all children to reach their academic potential. The Act also aids all children to self-actualize into brilliant effective adults regardless of their backgrounds or how disadvantaged they may be. This is because underprivileged children are mostly discriminated due to their economic circumstances, ethnicity, and disability. The yearly progress and grade-to-grade advancement mandated by NCLB provides the disabled students with better educational achievements than the minimal actions that are calculated reasonably with an aim of providing educational benefit (Kaufman & Blewett, 2012). Some scholars conducted studies even before the Act’s enactment or implementation to ascertain its effectiveness as well as chances of failure. To date, this Act has had both positive and negative consequences in the public education sector. Some scholars have conducted studies to determine the Act’s benefits and failures. Some have even gone ahead to give possible recommendations for making the Act better so that it can provide students with adequate education it was meant to provide in the first place.

The study conducted by Gardiner, Canfield-Davis & Anderson (2008), showed that the NCLB renders some beneficial elements for improving the outcome of learning in schools. One benefit of the NCLB is that it influences both teachers and administrators positively. Hence, both teachers and administrators are now able to evaluate critically gaps in performance between a group of students (Gardiner, Canfield-Davis & Anderson, 2008).

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