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Write a 8 pages paper on business ethics and society. The companies should make sure that they take care of the surrounding society in a good way. They have continuously made attempts to grow and expand their business exploring new markets and opening their branches in all the locations where they find an opportunity for growth. This has led to huge globalization with growth in economic conditions of both the company and also a huge benefit for the society as well. Every company has got a certain number of stakeholders who play a crucial role in the growth of the company.

Therefore the companies should make serious attempts to make sure that the stakeholders can also have good growth and have good economic and social conditions. I believe that the laws that are been made by the different governments of different countries focusing on the welfare of the human beings and the society are to be followed by the company strictly so that they don’t face any kind of legal obligations. The stakeholders for the company are owners, suppliers, customers, local community, employees and management.

The employees do give their best and work efficiently for the growth of the company but in return, they also look for a good salary and also want to avail some good facilities which can help them in having a good and comfortable life. The company should look to take care of the safety and health of the employees and also of their families. It should provide good educational facilities for the children’s of the employees. I can see that if the company provides such facilities to the employees than the employees feel motivated to work more efficiently.

For any company, the suppliers do play a big role as they are the one who supplies good quality materials to the company helping them in producing good quality products for the customers.&nbsp.

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