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Write a 2 pages paper on should students wear uniforms to school. Should Students Wear Uniforms to School

The issue of students wearing school uniforms has been a subject with many controversies over the past years among students and the public even though it is a tendency that dates back to the begging of education. In many states, most public schools tend to consider school uniforms mandatory for all students. Various education policies have been put in place regarding school uniforms. Different people have different opinion on school uniforms based on their reasoning either against or in support of school uniforms. Despite the controversies, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of having school uniforms before making decisions whether to abandon school uniforms.

First, it is worth noting that school uniforms create a positive learning environment. Whenever students wear school uniforms to school, the problems of peer pressure to match with students from rich families and bullying are minimized (Anderson, 2014). For instance, students have a sense of equality wearing school uniforms and thereby reducing competition to match or out do their peers. School uniforms also make the students have a sense of belonging to the school community hence making learning an easier process (Delaney, 2008). On the other hand, critics may argue that there are private schools that perform well and do not mandate school uniform thereby bringing a sense that school uniforms do not necessarily create a good learning environment.

Another major advantage of having students wear school uniforms to school is that controlling students dressing code is easier (Thomond, 2013). For instance, students cannot come to school wearing clothes with abusive logos are with clothes that undermine modesty or even clothes that support certain gang activities. It also reduces the school staffs work to monitor school attire, as all students will be in the same uniform. Even though some people argue that with school uniform it is easier to control dressing code, some may also argue to the contrary that it limits the rights of students to express themselves. According to Bowen (2014), school uniforms violate the rights to freedom of speech. Bowen (2014) argues that students should be allowed to make their own choices despite the school uniform policies.

It has been established that school uniforms saves parents time and money. Many parents agree with the fact that the cost of buying one designer clothe can be enough to purchase at least three pairs of school uniform (Ebert and Culyer, 2011). An individual may also argue that school uniforms helps parents save time for figuring out what the child will wear to school. However, critics argue that even after purchasing uniforms, parents will still have to purchase regular clothes to be worn at home when the students are not in school and this increases the expenses there by pointing out that the point of school uniforms saving parents money does not hold.

In conclusion, wearing school uniforms to school is a tendency that started many years ago and can be dated back to the begging of education. Most countries have policies in place regarding school uniforms and by considering the advantages of having students wear school uniforms to school, it is quite clear that uniforms are necessary in schools. Even though some people argue to the contrary, the greatest and beneficial strength of school uniforms is that it creates a conducive learning environment for students.


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