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Write a 12 pages paper on political science. While each conflict may have a unique cause, and very specific and exclusive factors that lead to the build-up and escalation, thinkers and scholars have spent considerable time and efforts in exploring and establishing any common underlying factors that may be leading to the present day conflicts.

A well known proposition about the causes of conflict and clash in the current international relations is that different civilizations cannot co-exists and hence conflict is inevitable. ‘The clash of civilization’ theory was proposed by Huntington, (1993) and attributes the basic cause of all international conflict to the assumption that different civilizations are unable to interact with each other in a peaceful manner as inherently their culture, religion, values and beliefs may be contradictory. This theory had postulates that clashes between civilizations would continue to rise after the end of the Cold War.

An other proposition explains the conflicts as a result of fundamentalist thinking in political and international relations. The cause of conflict therefore is not the inherent nature of the different civilizations, but the adoption of a fundamentalist outlook in dealing with other countries and people.

The paper will first elaborate on the meanings of the two clashes by highlighting the works of other researchers who have contributed in the development of the concepts. Secondly, a literature survey will be conducted to gather material in support or against of

The Clash of Civilization Theory, as proposed by Huntington, rests on the premise that there are basically several different kinds if civilizations, namely, the Western Civilization, The Islamic Civilization, The Sinic Civilization, The African Civilization, and The Latin American Civilization.

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