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Write a 1 page paper on refusal letter. 60603, S Wabash Ave Chicago, Illinios. 60068 May 25, Jane Johnson 1986 3rd Avenue Miami, FL. 33568 Dear Sir/Madam For Thank you for having chosen our hotel during your vacation and for taking your time to inform us of your concerns over our services. We value you, as our customer, and we make every necessary effort to meet our customers’ needs. The company will therefore work to ascertain your claims and to ensure measures for clients’ utility. We therefore guarantee that your next stay in our hotel will be free from any of these concerns because we value long-term relationships with our clients.

Silversmith operates on legal and ethical principles that ensure the company meets its obligations to customers. One of our legal policies is to present terms and conditions of service to our clients before we enter into contract with them and we allow the client to review condition of the available facilities. Our contracts are therefore based on clients’ satisfaction with the state of our facilities before they make an offer for our services. This is based on the legal maxim that advertisement is an invitation to treat and not an offer (Mann and Roberts 173). Consequently, we assume that you placed an offer for our services based on your assessment of the state of the facilities and accepting your offer established the contract. It would therefore be unfair to shift blame on us for your failure to establish the level of utility that you could derive from our facility. Accepting your offer to use our facility entitled us to the payments and a refund would not be possible. You should have also noted in the contract that our policies do not provide for refund on received services.

We would be happy to take every necessary measure to ensure that your next stay in our hotel derives the highest level of utility to you. We will also forward your concern to our legal expert who will inform you of the extent to which we met our obligations, based on the contract that you signed with us. We look forward to a long-term relationship with you.

Yours sincerely,

Manager, Silversmith

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