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Need an research paper on the novel metamorphosis by franz kafka. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. The family has tried to provide food and shelter for the vermin through the aspect of comfort is not given to him. He is not allowed out of his room to mingle with the members of the family and continue to have the good life he earlier had. Despite his physical condition, Gregor wants to complete his assignments for the day and wonders how his family will live without his earning because his father was already in debt. He is also worried that his mother cannot work due to her illness. He thinks “of his family with emotion and love.”

He also learns that in the absence of his earnings, all the members of the family have taken up work and they have also lent out room for lodgers. Gregor’s sister Grete used to serve him food and clean up his room. The maid of the house is fired and is replaced by a charwoman. The chairwoman is the only woman who sympathizes with Gregor and talks to him.

The human mental condition of Gregor is further revealed when he gets out of his room following his sister to find medicine for their mother, who collapses seeing the vermin. Gregor is badly punished by his father for getting out of his room by throwing an apple and Gregor gets hurt, unable to move. This also reveals that Gregor’s father has reached a good financial position and wants to get rid of Gregor to maintain authority on the family.

The sight of Gregor is fearsome for his mother, though his sister feeds him with his favorite food for which he has no penchant now. Though Gregor yearns to talk to their family and spent time with them, he is not allowed to get out of his room. But the music played by Grete takes him out of his room to teach his sister to play the right notes.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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