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Need an research paper on the northern victory at the battle of vicksburg. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. 1890 can be described as a watershed of the 1900s in different ways. In the period, various changes defined the 1900’s. First, there was a consolidation of various railway projects that had begun in the second part of the century. The consolidation helped in the emergence of various industries that helped spur economic growth in the 1900s. Moreover, the emergence of industries led to the economic dominance of the United States in the following century. Secondly, industrialization led to increased immigration to America. For example, there was an increasing number of immigrants. Most came from Europe. They were looking for work and increased freedom. Consequently, there was a growth of cities where the immigrants settled leading to increased urbanization.

However, the period also saw increased discrimination. The discrimination was directed to African American. The period saw the passage of authoritarian laws such as Jim Crow laws that authorized segregation of African Americans. The law also allowed lynching of African Americans in the southern side. The changes led to the rising of civil rights groups in the 1990s. Moreover, there was a rise of exceptional leaders agitating for equality of different races over the same time such as Dubois and Martin Luther King.

Additionally, the period saw the rise of various political parties. The parties were because of the activism of farmers. In the period, farmers complained of reduced prices of commodities such as wheat and cotton. One of such parties was the People’s Party (Populist Party).

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