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Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Literary London: The London Spy , Answer one of the questions that i will provide on the file. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The time was famous with business and trade activities. it was a time when people were exploring the world and things in between.

Boarder on the map was being changed, the trade was increasing, products and services were being carried from one place to another, and people were being exposed to new ideas and technologies. It was a chaotic world.

In the chaotic world the only thing that was certain that one can only trust themselves, it was even hard to trust people who were with us, family or friends, everyone moved with a certain motive and no one but themselves were aware of that fact. So one had to be very caution in saying or doing things

One of the most popular industry was of private spies, the spy were hired at personal and governmental level, each organization and individual had their motives, the government was interested in know the facts about other organizations and their plans and their activities whereas, individuals were interested in knowing about their spouse, siblings and children.

During the popularity of the industry many writers started writing novels based on such stories and themes. In order to create and sell their books the novels included stories from real life, added few extra details and released it to the public.

People found such books very interesting to read, they started relating themselves to the stories, and it created a an unrest in the minds of the people, due to the writing novels the demand for private detectors also increased, people started hiring them for their personal motives.

Another issues that was faced by the spied in reality and the spied in the book were the moral issues, it was hard to trust people around even if they were friends or family, their work was very complicated and they could not include their personal life to it. At the same time they have to keep a proper distinction between the two.

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