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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on 2.discuss the work of a medieval composer. examine what is known (and what is not known) about the specific details of the composers life and what is known a. In 1098, a tenth child was born to two wealthy members οf the nobility, Hildebert and Mechtilde, in Bockelheim, Germany. This child, a daughter, was given to the Church as a tax, and became Saint Hildegard οf Bingen, a composer, visionary, healer and author οf major theological works.

In the 12th century, Hildegard οf Bingen was one οf very few female composers, and also part οf a small minority οf medieval women who could even read or write. Her visions and instruction from God were initially questioned, and she met difficulty in making many οf her visions’ instructions into reality. Hildegard οf Bingen spent her life constantly defending the validity οf her visions, while gaining a form οf fame within the western world, which was rare for a woman in that time. Although many οf her strictly literary works reinforce many traditional beliefs οf the church, her music itself, in its lyrics and actual melodic construction embodies many different, even liberal ideas and images. By studying her life, accomplishments, compositions and other works, it is clear that Hildegard οf Bingen broke many patriarchal norms within her society, and saw recognition for her work beyond that οf any other women οf her time.

When Hildegard was given to the church at the age οf eight, partially because she was the tenth child which was also known as the “tithe” child for wealthy families, and was usually given to the church. Also, she was sickly in health from a very young age, and also recalls having visions at an early age, mainly a vision οf an inexplicably bright light at the age οf three. Giving a child to the church as a tax was also a respectable way for noble families to deal with physically or mentally ill children, which is quite possibly how her explanations οf her early visions may have sounded to her parents.

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