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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on A case study of Manchester United. It needs to be at least 2500 words. Away from the pitch, the club also scores high in financial matters being worth around 1.13 billion pounds (IBN live, 2014, Para 2). The two most valued coaches in the history of Manchester United are sir Matt Busby and the legendary sir Alex Ferguson. Busby was the coach when the Munich air disaster happened, but survived and embarked on an endeavor to rebuild the team back to its competitive form. Busby resigned in 1969 and from then no other coach ever came close to his success until the entry of sir Alex Ferguson in 1986. The club has been successful for building on its strengths and focusing on its competencies for continued growth. The paper in this discussion will look at the strengths of the club, its competencies, a market analysis and strategic options in the next five years.

Infrastructure- the theatre of dreams this is one of the largest all seater stadium in the English premier league. It can accommodate over 75,000 people and has been used for other purposes away from football.

For a team that has been successful in the history of English football, Manchester United certainly has various strengths built over time. It is through capitalizing on its strengths and competencies that this team has been capable of rising to its current state. Through a SWOT analysis, these are the different strengths that Manchester United has built over time.

Manchester United has built a global brand all over the world through creating a wide fan base. The club has over time moved from just a football team to a brand, focusing on consciousness around the world. Asia has long been a proud supporter of the team with the region providing the largest number of fans. Building this brand includes visits to Asia and other regions such as North America as they continue to build the Manchester brand.

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