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Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses critically access the value of qualitative research on effectiveness of psychoanalysis counselling for anxiety disorder. Anxiety must be dealt in initial phases with proper intervention plan, so that overall mental distortion could be obstructed by a certain level. Contextually, proper intervention is quite vital in this regard so that most of the disorders v can be cured or controlled in the initial phases. In this regard, effectiveness of psychoanalysis counseling can be regarded as a potential intervention, which can be implemented by healthcare sector towards dealing with anxiety disorder (Velotis, 2005, pp. 113-125). In this particular study, a qualitative research study with utmost focus on varied secondary sources has been taken into concern. In relation to the review of secondary sources, reliable journals and literatures relevant to the subject matter of the research study dealing with the effectiveness of psychoanalysis counseling for anxiety disorder, have been mainly considered.

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