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Create a 1 page page paper that discusses civil war in the unired states. Civil War The Civil War is one of the most significant events in the history of the United s. The war line was looming at Fort Sumter’s fall. During the war, the opposing sides, the North and the South, had many advantages and disadvantages against each other. The North had a higher population than the South. The North also had high industrial capacity, which enabled it to manufacture superior weapons. Further, the Union had better railroads, farms, and massive wealth, which obviously give them an edge over their opponents. However, the North faced was that its superior population was not willing to fight as the South population and they also never knew the terrain as the opponents.

The south on the other hand anticipated foreign aid from France or Great Britain, the Southern population was willing to fight, the South supported war unanimously and the war begun in the South. The South also had adequate food supply to keep its fighters nourished. However, the south also had weaknesses such as limited factories, smaller population, significant portion of the population were enslaved and there were limited railroads to move the troops. High industrialization, population and farm ensured constant supply of food and soldiers. The South lost the war because of poor generalship and fell to the superior resources of the North. The bloody war lasted longer because the Southern thought they would win the war by keeping the North longer in war. The South was overwhelmed and could not endure the war against the North any longer. As such, they gave up leading to the victory of the opponents, thus failing in their secession bid.

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