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I will pay for the following article CONTROLLED MOVEMENT AREA VIOLATIONS AND REDUCTION METHODS. The work is to be 40 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The research topic is “Types of Violations of CMA rules and the Proposed. The methodology used includes questionnaires and interviews as the primary data collection methods since the studies are qualitative. In the statistical section, the data analysis tools used on the sample sizes were factor analysis and regression methods.

The CMA incursions are on the increase and the domestic airports are technologically capable of handling any negative occurrences. There will a statistical significance on the situation when the interviewees respond with a (p&gt.0.6) margin in disapproval of the null hypothesis. Any figure less than that will not be recorded as significant.

The technologies used in aircraft health monitoring aspect include use of the approved intra-aviation techniques such as the Airport Surface Detection Equipment and Model X (ASDE-X). These are some of the foolproof ways of approaching the issue. On the social aspect the promotion of safety using reliable and cost effective aircraft will not only impact the aviation positively but also increase the profitability of airlines. As it occurred, few accidents will encourage frequent travel.

The environmental and political aspect always depends on the support in the early stages with stakeholders who include as operators, maintainers, and managers and so on. The project proposal outcomes were on the conclusion that the aviation industry’s fundamentals require all the five factors to operate well.

In this outcome, the type of research was varied between correlations /descriptions and secondary means that included data that was collected and made available by The AFFA. The collection methods used were secondary methods and the data was compiled from experts in the Airfield Management Career Field. Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is the epic centre with an analysis using the ANOVA that provided the sought after results.

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