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Compose a 3250 words assignment on types of heat exchanges used in different industries. Needs to be plagiarism free! In the fruit and vegetable processing industry, there are a number of heat exchangers used. The first is the juice pasteurizer. These are machines used for pasteurizing fruit juices and preserving fruits in the processing industry (Burch, Rickson, & Lawrence, 1996). In most cases, they are made of stainless steel, has a large heating capacity and suitable for large scale use. The advantages of these pasteurizers are. the equipment manufactured today are highly automated, they are supplied on a modular designed on the principle of plug and play, they are supplied with a control manual to ease the control process, they are designed with the latest microprocessors capable of controlling and holding the required temperatures, and are made of stainless steel which prevents it from wearing out. The second heat exchanger is the blending and mixing vessels. They are used in blending and mixing different types of fruit juices to give birth to new blends. They have different volumetric capacities depending on the financial ability and manufacturing capacity of the firm. They can be single or multiple walled and are purchased to suit the processing industry needs. Some have insulators and others do not. They are fitted with mixing turbines for the purpose of mixing. They also contain two-speed scrappers moving in opposite directions to facilitate quality and fast mixing. Depending on the taste of a particular industry owner, they are either supplied with a conical or flat bottom and top. In case no one of the vessels suits the client’s preferences, the manufacturing industry can design one for him/her from scratch (Fiore& Severini, 2011). This is the advantaged of these vessels. The other advantage is that they are designed in different sizes to suit different sizes of the industry.

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