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Compose a 2750 words assignment on business environment and organisational purpose. Needs to be plagiarism free! mployees driven by organizational mission of creativity, quality and sustainability, the manufacturer is now recognized as one of the leading manufacturers in scuba diving equipment.

Evidently, some of its products that are now widely used in diving spot include diving masks, snorkels, B.C.Ds and Fins. These products have been purposely designed to meet diverse needs of diving sports. The purpose of the Mares manufacturers in anchored in their strategic marketing strategy, it strives to meet the dynamic market of the diving sport and recreational needs. It envisions the growing nature of global sport coupled with the dynamism in customers taste and preference. the company believe that its purpose in the market is to meet such diverse customers needs.

Scuba Pro is another leader in manufacturing of diving equipment in today global market. For over fifty years, the company has continue to be ranked as one of the companies with high quality and affordable diving equipment. In addition, their products, branding in the marketing has been incredible in giving them an edge in the competitive market. Driving by their mission of becoming an innovative hub in diving equipment, the manufacturer has produced regulators, dive computers, wetsuits and much more equipment to meet the dynamic diving market. The employees contribution to the overall success throughout its existence has been incredible.

It will go down in diving sports history that Scubapro was the first creative producer of a computer radio transmitter that measures the tank pressure through wireless technology. In addition, the equipment allows for measurement of heart parameters. The manufacturer stabilizing jacket monitors buoyancy. In line with the purpose of this company, creativity and innovation in diving equipment has been an important marketing platform.

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