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Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Environmental geography. Scientists agree that hunting played a more significant role in the formation and life of the ancient people, and thereby determined its development.

Speaking of hunting, hunting methods used by ancient people should be noted. Hunting for large animals is difficult to imagine without the use of specific method. However, those hunting tools used by Neanderthals were too fragile and not allowed to deal with such animals.

Hunting process more than anything else has stimulated the development of collectivism: hunting on large animals was always performed with all the forces of the primitive community. It is the labor process which from the beginning to the end helped to unite members of society.

Finally, thousand-year experience and knowledge about the world gave the way from the difficult situation. Primitive man began not only to take from nature, but to restore its wealth. People have long noticed that the corns of plants that fall into good ground subsequently germinated. They also realized that the small little animals, found during hunting, should not be killed. People began to sow grain deliberately and domesticate and breed animals. In the Mesolithic dog was domesticated.

Gradually in the Neolithic period primitive people moved from hunting and gathering to agriculture and animal husbandry, by appropriating management practices to reproduction. This transition has been called the Neolithic revolution. Agriculture was spread on the land with the most favorable conditions: the warm climate, fertile soil, wild grasses.

The invention of agriculture and animal husbandry, according to scientists, determined the future of mankind. From now, there were unprecedented prospects for increasing the necessary of food for human life. Agriculture provided a person with a constant number of necessary products, the production of which it could control.

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