Need help with my writing homework on Type of Person. Write a 500 word paper answering; Myers-Briggs typological approach is a personality test based on Carl Jung’s typological theories. After the test was taken, the results were as follows: 44% Extraverted, 12% Sensing, 12% Feeling and 56% Judging. These results eventually were written as follows: Moderately expressed extravert, slightly expressed sensing personality, slightly expressed feeling personality, and moderately expressed judging personality. These results are based on the dichotomies of the typological test which mainly identifies whether a person is Extraverted or Introverted. According to my test results, I am more Extraverted.

As I understood the test and its typological theory background, moderately expressed extravert would mean that I am more into action. I draw energy from action. The higher is the level of energy that I see from people around me, through their reactions and actions, the more I am interested and motivated. The term moderate could mean that I am at the middle range, probably 40-60% since my percentage shows a 44% on this area of testing. Further readings on this type of personality test made me understand that I desire breadth and are action oriented. Being extraverted doesn’t follow that one is a bad girl or bad boy type. They could be more action oriented and are more expressive, not really shy but not arrogant either.

Slightly expressed sensing personality could first be understood by the word slightly. Slightly because of the rate or percentage of score that I got. This area of testing measures the way I get or gather information from the world around me, either through reading, the television, or through the people around. My perception and understanding or the information that I have gathered is mostly based on my senses. In my various readings, it was stated that people who uses their senses to gather information prefer to trust that information which is in the present, tangible and concrete. Which is why, details and facts associated with that particular information is necessary for it to have meaning and be taken seriously.

Slightly expressed feeling personality is the third area of the personality test result. This now deals with how I decide on things, or simply put as decision making. Typically, both thinking and feeling are important to be able to make a fair judgment or wise decision as based on the data and information gathered or presented. Slightly expressed feeling would then again mean that I am inclined to feeling more of the situation and decisions that I would make. By this would mean that decision making comes by associating or empathizing with the situation, weighing and looking at it from the “inside” to be able to achieve a more balanced and harmonious consensus and fit with the consideration of the people involved in it.

The last result is the Moderately expressed judging personality. This now talks about how I view or perceive things. It can also mean the way I judge things and situations. Having a percentage rate of 56% on this area would mean that I am really inclined to express how I judge or perceive things and situations. Because of the result it also means that my left brain hemisphere is more dominant which means I tend to judge quickly. whereas, the right hemisphere of my brain, which is more on perception, is less dominant. With all these readings, what I could fathom is that I am more into judging and expressing my judgment or views quickly that perceiving or studying it first.

The first time I saw the results, I honestly don’t understand it, but after having read and research about the type of test I have taken I am able to say that the results are fairly accurate. There is nothing that I would dispute about it. In fact, since I have realized where or what type of personality I have, I will be able to improve myself. Now, I am fully aware that I tend to judge things quickly, and so I will try to refrain from doing that. I would perceive things or situations first and understand them before judging. Being Extraverted is a wonderful thing since I can freely express myself and I have no trouble communicating. This could also mean that I am able to communicate whatever are my views and opionions.


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