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Need help with my writing homework on Stress as a Social Construct. Write a 2000 word paper answering; What stress does to the psyche of man is something to gain comprehension from. This has put the different manifestations of mankind under quite a lot of worry since criminal issues have come to the fore due to stress and its different predicaments. This paper will outline the ways and means through which stress could be seen from a psychological perspective and under the auspices of the criminological fields.

Research within the related domains of psychology has revealed that stress causes quite a number of problems for the people who are in authority positions. These people seem to experience stress when they are denied their due rights by the people who are senior to them or have more commanding dignity than them. Then there are other issues within these positions like gender harassment, inequality in wages, non-payment of dues, denial of leaves, etc which makes them feel even more stressed than they were before. Thus it would not be wrong to suggest that stress is one such tangent that negatively reinforces one’s energy levels to do something wrong or one that is ethically unacceptable. Having said that criminology takes its basis from similar settings of stress, and therefore the fact that criminology has been highlighted as a significant aspect in the studies related with the psychology of stress and anxiety has all the more bearing on the subject at hand. Stress makes the workers feel disjointed from their work regimes. they lack the alertness when it comes to their respective performance levels and has an overall feel of dizziness and boredom on the job (Desmond 2001). They want to do something different but the daily grind of work starts to take its toll on their bodies. The fact that they are not given the room to exploit their true strengths and just concentrate upon getting the job at hand done for the sake of meeting the deadlines, makes them feel itchy and irritated. Thus stress starts triggering them for all the wrong reasons and therefore they feel they need to do something different which could have more attention on their part. When they are vehemently denied their right to experiment what they essentially want to do, they show their displeasure and this doubles up their negative sentiments which they have developed over a period of time, against the norms and procedures that have been followed of late.

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