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Need help with my writing homework on Information sytem. Write a 250 word paper answering; Installing Microsoft Office Suite Installing Microsoft Office Suite is not that complicated. It can almost install itself because it is so easy to install that anyone can do it for as long as one knows how to read and click the mouse on the computer.

To begin installing Microsoft Office Suite 2010, one has to make sure that there is an operating system already installed. The program requires Windows XP and above. In addition to the operating system, the hardware requirement must also be checked to ensure that the program will run. Recent computers however are powerful enough to run Microsoft Office Suite 2010. If your computer had been recently purchased, meaning less than five years old, there should be no problem about running Microsoft Office Suite 2010.

Once this has been checked, one just have to insert the disk in the tray and it will auto execute asking if you want to install Microsoft Office Suite 2010. Click yes and if it does not automatically execute, just open the disk files and double click on setup.exe. One will then be asked to key in the 25 character product key. After encoding, just click on the next button and agree on the end user agreement. You will then be asked if you want to install now or customize. Chose install now. After that, Microsoft Office Suite 2010 will now install and you can check the progress of the installation through the status bar. After installing, click on close and you can begin using the Microsoft Office Suite 2010.


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Microsoft Office Suite 2010 Installation disk.

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