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Need help with my writing homework on Hate crime a moder phenomenon. Write a 10000 word paper answering; Therefore, the objective of this study is to conduct a comprehensive review of related literature to somehow close the gap in current scholarship about hate crime. Another objective is to broaden these analyses to other contexts, such as cultural and social.

Moreover, defining, measuring, and explaining hate crime is challenging. After reviewing and summing up several of the most important theoretical points of view and conceptual themes in the first chapter, this study discusses the actual difficulties related with data gathering. The second chapter will discuss that even though empirical findings and research literature are still insufficient and mainly descriptive, current investigations have embarked on relating hate crime incidents to population movements, economic developments, and modifications in the political setting. The third chapter will lay out the strengths and weaknesses of descriptive methods that are commonly applied in studying hate crimes. Then the last chapter will present the study’s policy implications and recommendations.

Those trying to grasp or understand the origins and nature of prejudiced violence are prone to disillusionment by existing literature of discrimination, racism, and prejudice. Even though numerous academics seek to clarify behavioural expressions of intergroup violence, this scholarship is governed by the exploration of beliefs and attitudes (Broyles 2009). Research after research explores how adults consider racial/ethnic groups or policies intended to promote minority welfare (Sears, Sidanius, & Bobo 2000), usually depending on surveys to measure what is diversely termed xenophobia, intolerance, racism, or prejudice. Even though researchers evaluate prejudice in more and more refined ways, they pay quite little attention to the investigation of bigoted behaviour and attitude, aside from voting conduct (Broyles 2009).

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