Need help with my writing homework on EM-CNI Joint Venture Collaboration. Write a 4000 word paper answering; This collaboration can accelerate the forward momentum of the company and the benefits of such partnerships are often derived much faster, cheaper, easier, more profitable, and without debilitating conflict and turmoil when compared to a typical merger or acquisition.&nbsp.In today’s technologically fast-changing business environment, the windows of opportunity for strategic attacks often are open only briefly and close quickly. More importantly, if we do not exploit an opportunity, other competitors will. This may turn the table, giving them additional resources, time, market share, and profits. However, we have the technology, Information Technology tools, the Internet, and other business innovation tools that we can avail of in the collaboration process. Collaboration is not new in the world of globalization. Businesses and organizations are merging and forming alliances to further their aims. And as we said earlier, if we don’t do it rightly and quickly, our competitors will because they also have those tools at their easy reach. Our primary objective is to acquire the government license from Amazonia. This is a long-term project that requires a lot of planning. But the rewards of a successful collaboration can be enormous in Amazonia. When the firm wins the application, we are rewarded with a major source of competitive advantage. We will also be strengthened financially, organizationally, and reputationally while our competitors are weakened. Moreover, these competitors are watching and doing something to get the leverage.&nbsp.Financial benefits can come sooner, but we have to take the financial side carefully and this has to be forecasted in a ten-years time. We can virtually create a new vital core competency with financial, managerial, and reputational benefits that can reverberate into the future of the organization.&nbsp.

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