Need help with my writing homework on Company Sustainable Development. Write a 4000 word paper answering; The sustainable business operations have greatly benefited the TMC to improve its competitive edge and strengthen its financial position. Toyota has been successful in making their customers aware of the company’s environmental sustainability efforts. The organization increasingly relies on sustainability reports and social networking sites to communicate its sustainability initiatives to the company stakeholders.

The emergence of globalization eliminated international trade barriers and thus intensified the cross-border flow of capital, labor, ideas, and cultures. Evidently, globalization and the resulted fast industrial expansion contributed to various issues like global warming, climate change, water pollution, and increased energy consumption, which in turn pose potential threats to the long-term sustainability of the environment today. There has also been a notable increase in the population growth over the last two decades, and that worsened the condition. Researchers indicate that world’s current non-conventional energy sources will be consumed out if people and organizations continue to consume the energy at the current rate. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the use of conventional energy sources, maintain water quality, and take other environmental actions to meet the needs of future generations. However, companies like Toyota have adopted the concept of sustainable development to drive environment-conscious growth and thereby enjoy wider market acceptance. TMC encourages and establishes innovative technologies to reduce the environmental impacts of its business operations and inspires local communities to support the company’s environmental efforts. In this context, it is relevant to explore how a company can pursue sustainable development in order to contribute to the competitive edge and financial position.

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