Need help with my writing homework on Auto Biography. Write a 1000 word paper answering; My mother has a rough life, and she is disabled, being a DID with multiple personality disorder, so I help her out as well.

Naturally, I am an outgoing, generous, and carefree person. I am smart can learn anything fast, and have a great memory. I have always had a lot of friends at home, school and work. I have always been a leader and I understand how to take on a task and complete with quality. People look up to me at my workplace, and I have been the motivator in the departments I have worked at.

I got my GED in 2004 went to the Art institute in Dallas TX for 2 years for visual communications, but stopped going when my mom got ill. Went to Westwood college in Dallas TX for graphic design for a year, but ended it when I found out they are not an accredited school and my credits would not transfer. I finally found Letourneau University from a coworker at work telling me about it. I am going for my bachelors in business management, but also want to get back into graphic and web design after accepting my diploma. I thought an art degree needed something I could fall back on, so going for business since I seem to be good at it in my career. I currently pursue a Bachelor of Arts, Business Management, Letourneau University, Longview, TX, and hopes to graduate in fall 2015.

I am a service and administrative professional with more than 10 years of experience leading teams and providing exceptional customer service to clients. I am dedicated to transitioning knowledge and skills from previous experience to build a solid career in the auto finance field. I worked at LA QUINTA, Dallas, TX, from 2002 to 2007, as a front office manager, where I conducted administrative operations, served as first point of contact for all guests, and attended customer phone calls to make room reservations.

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