Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on work based project Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The teacher who keeps an open mind also gains a lot of learning observing how his students derive answers from their discovery process, sometimes, differently from how he did it. This dynamic is likewise possible for two teachers sharing a mentoring relationship..

A collaborative learning effort usually transpires in a mentoring relationship. A mentor and sound off some ideas and a mentee can take them up and dig deeper to unveil a phenomenon. The mentor, likewise does his research to be able to support the efforts of the student. A healthy teaching-learning environment prevails in such a productive collaboration.

This report will chronicle a mentoring relationship between a veteran teacher and an on-the job novice teacher who is taking up further studies in education to equip her with more professional skills in her chosen career. It will follow the progress of the novice teacher’s growth within a span of a semester. Her mentor will ably guide her in the requirements of her studies in graduate school as well as in her teaching practice with toddlers.

I have had the opportunity of interviewing both mentor, Anna and mentee, Ruth. Their mentoring relationship has been ongoing for several months now, as Ruth is Anna’s teacher assistant in her toddlers’ class. Ruth also has the privilege of having Anna help her out in her graduate school requirements as she provides the connections between theory and practice, and points out specific examples from their own class.

Anna is a veteran educator, with her experience spanning over two decades. She has worked with preschool children and their families from the time she graduated from college. She has established her own preschool that has been running for eighteen years now. Due to heavy enrolment, she has also taken some classes to handle herself.

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