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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the role of health medical services Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! HMC was expecting a formal proposal from BDD within 10days of time. So that they could get the possible discount for 15% and remain as threaten to BDD’s competitor Terumo Corporation. Right from the beginning, HMC would like to be with BDD’s products. Since they have concentrated on Hypodermic products they buy them through the APG group. So they demanded a discount price to buy the products for their hospitals. This was the main concern of the key players, to get a discount or concession for the products which they buy through APG groups.

Since BDD’s key players such as the regional sales managers had a conversation with a sales representative regarding the necessity of the discount intended by HMC and the suggestion of the idea to have direct marketing without the intervention of the groups. The key players such as Wilson, The purchasing manager was also ready to purchase from BDD, though they were influenced in terms of discount by the competitor Treumo corporation or cost-saving purchase. The key players’ main concern is to get profit while purchasing the hypodermic products, previously they were purchasing through APG, an intermediate group, but the key players would like to have direct marketing with BDD companies.

The key players of BDD are Territory sales representatives such as Kmetz, [who announces the latest demands in the market for their products. And whose main concern is found out to be getting a decent concession for HMC], Vice President Marketing, Sales and Research and development. District manager, Bhimji director of corporate service product development is of the view that the distributors like APG groups are the main concerns of the sales improvement and providing a discount would count for a strong trust between the distributor and the buyers, so the concept of discount seemed to be of less effective.

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