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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on summary discussion 2 Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Puberty Puberty: Puberty makes an important and significant change in the biological development. It also makes many changes psychologically and socially in a life of a person. Generally Puberty is defined as a process in which there is growth of pubic hair and breast development (in case of girls).

Adolescence and puberty are parallel processes. During this whole process a person experiences dramatic and rapid changes in the body and hormones level. During this period of age significant changes in the academic, social and other behaviors associated with a person. It is important to know that adolescence and puberty are completely two different concepts (Hoboken, 2008).

Adolescence may cause negative impacts on the mind of children. puberty is a phenomenon which has a positive impact on the personality of child. With the occurrence of the puberty one feels as an important part of society. Adolescence is a process in which one can experience many emotional changes. After this stage one feels becomes more in control of emotions and thoughts (Allyn and Bacon, 2012).

There is no doubt about the effect of social and cultural environment on personality development of a person. These values and environment can also affect the process of adolescence and puberty. A boy raised in Middle East might have total different ambitions and thoughts as compared to boys that are raised in U.S.A (Levine,&nbsp.L.&nbsp.E., & Munsch,&nbsp.J., 2011). There are many religious constraints on children in Middle East as compared to children present west (Levine,&nbsp.L.&nbsp.E., & Munsch,&nbsp.J., 2011). These restrictions may have positive or negative impacts on the personality of children. There is a need of proper education in such cases.


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