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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on safegurads and controls Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Safeguards and Controls The vision of Alans used book store includes their social responsibility while purchasing and selling used books. The business envisages to meet the demands of the societys bottom line by funding a part of the profits to literacy programs and support the cause for a sustainable environment and thereby to create a better world. Alans used book business also envisages selling used books to offer funds for a reading facility at the regional community center.

The social responsibility of Alans used book store further branches out to the entire world through their retail presence on the internet. The used book store envision to promote literacy through their funding for education improvement programs by buying books that people do not want, find buyers and fund the proceeds for social cause. Used books are usually collected through campus collection from universities and colleges and from donation initiatives and discard of Libraries. Online services enables the store to distribute used books to a wide range of people globally, nationally and locally, who are in need of free books in underdeveloped countries.

Alans used book store gives importance to save million of tonnes of paper waste for recycling rather than using it for landfills. The book store also envisages collecting voluntary funds from customers at exit point to fund reforestation programs and renewable energy credits (Profits with Purpose: Better World Books).

Books should be handled with care while arranging them in shelves and moving it to make place for new arrivals. The dust jackets usually get damaged when moving books. Further books should be stored in a systematic manner to avoid theft and to locate books quickly. Books have to be categorized and numbered and stocks should be taken at regular intervals to keep a check on the number of sold items and the number of new arrivals. Proper accounting with details of the book will enable the business to identify books that sell fast and books that do not sell quickly. Books should not be stacked in the shelves. instead it should be placed in a stand up position. This reduces damage to books and offers ease to handle books and prevent the probable damage while taking a book from the bottom of a stacked row. Books should always be placed on the shelves. Books should not be place on the floor since it may contact moisture. Books will get faded and pages will turn yellow if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Risk management

Alans used book store proposes to manage risk by purchasing books from users that are mostly sought after by customers. This leads to the movement of inventory and reduces the risk of lesser sales. Books should not be purchased from users just for the sake of buying. A proper evaluation and prospective customer demand should be assessed before purchasing a particular book. The resale value of the book should also be assessed before spending on the purchase of a used book.

Policies and procedures should include the maintenance of proper database to monitor the purchase and sale of books, track prices, upload new books online, ship orders on time, routine cleaning of books before shipment, send them by post and address the shipment correctly. A systematic method for these procedures will reduce the consumption of time in the long run.

Safety: Books shelves should be placed out of reach of children. A book shelf may turn fatal even if it falls on an adult. Books shelf should be placed on strong floors and fixed to the floor if it is high and holds several racks (Online Bookselling).

Personnel policies

Employment at a used book store is an expensive affair because the employer has to cover a lot of expenses like social security tax, health insurance, federal tax, employee theft and perhaps shoplifting as a remote case. However, the employment of personnel should be effected only after finding a sincere and efficient person since it is very important to handle used book customers with care, diligence and the management of a store requires perfect aptitude in managing both people and books in a perfect manner. This turns a simple affair in the case of online store because there is more control on the movement of stock and the job profile is restricted to the management of stocks (Online Bookselling).

Customer service begins once the customer enquires about the book. It continues even after the book is shipped to the customer because a problem may arise after the receipt of the book for various reasons. The solution to handle customer issues is to handle them consistently with a focused and cordial approach with a positive and clear attitude. A good rapport with a satisfied customer ensures future business prospects (Selling Used Books Online).


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