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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on recruitment, selection and deployment of human resources Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Case Study: for Recruitment, Selection and Deployment of Human Resources

Sodexo identified several major problems the management was having in the running of the company. One of these was shortage of staff. This problem was not an initial issue but soon became a burden with an increase of over 1000 constructors and sub constructors of OPG in just less than six weeks. The other problem was the long recruitment and selection process of new employees. This discouraged most of the prospective employees and the few who were willing to put with the lengthy process complained of unequal benefits and the high costs they would incur including fare charges or lack of parking space in the company.

The company lacked proper human resource planning when it came to recruitment and selection criteria which led to the problems above. The lack of proper motivation, unclear job specification and minimal advertisement has been major deficiencies in Sodexo’s human resources. Effective HR planning and management should have been exercised to take care of the shortage of employees beforehand which is one of the organizational models lacking in Sodexo. Organizational and HR strategies should have been in line in order to meet the HR demand and supply of employees.

The only way to solve these problems in Sodexo is for the HR to come up with new planning strategies and adopt an organizational model that will address their problems. This will ensure that their recruitment and selection process is motivating, enforces comparable evaluation methods and considers cultural diversity. Individual motivation according to Herzberg’s theory is a main source of motivation for the recruits and will ensure lasting solution to the problem of staffing facing Sodexo currently (Weihrich and Cannice, 2010). Incentive theory which deals with positive reinforcement can also be applied in this case where more reinforcers including certificates of merits and promotions can act as motivators.


Weihrich, H. and Cannice, M. (2010). Management. New York: Tata McGraw-Hill Education.

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