Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on organization behavior and learning Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The researcher states that the origin of empowerment as a form of theory was traced back to the Brazilian humanitarian and educator, Freire. He suggested a model for liberating the oppressed people of the world through education. Parpart, Rai, & Staudt, are of the view that empowerment is an alternative approach to social development in local, grassroots community-based initiatives. Lincoln, Travers, Ackers, & Wilkinson, observes that empowerment has been used across a broad variety of disciplines like community psychology, management, political theory, social work, education, women studies, and sociology. The concept of empowerment is conceived as the idea of power ie. either gaining, expending, diminishing, and losing power. The traditional concept of power was an isolated one, where it was held or used at the expense of other people. Empowerment has brought a new dimention of power. In recent times its has been shown that power can be strenthened through sharing with others. In this sense, power sharing is multidimentional and helps people be incharge of their lives. A review of literature, that was conducted by the researcher shows little discontent in the application of empowerment in the workplace. For its benefits, it is assumed that empowerment is a universal solution appropriate to all organisations in all circumstances. Section 2 of this paper explores key terms, concepts, and theories of empowerment. Section 3 concludes with a discussion of the key concepts established in the paper.

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