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Write a 5 pages paper on mandatory helmets while skiing. Logic is one of the key elements which guarantees that the ideas flow effectively throughout the piece and that the reader is convinced in the end by the author’s point of view. The video describes the introduction of an essay and the body and, finally, the conclusion. Each part plays an important role in moving the attention of the reader along and finally convincing him or her of the author’s perspective.

Many people enjoy skiing. It makes you feel alive, rushing downhill in the snow at great speed. It is a great family activity and is an excellent source of exercise. Families gather together for a hot chocolate after a vigorous work-out on the hill. However, skiing is also quite dangerous. Hundreds of people die every year on ski hills. That is the reason why we must ensure that helmets are mandatory on ski hills everywhere. It is a small cost to ensure the safety of our children.

Mandatory helmets on ski-hills are an excellent way of reducing injury and death. The truth is that skiing is often a very dangerous activity. Skiers are often forced to make sudden and last minute choices. Obstacles appear around every bend of the run, and the wrong choice can often lead to devastating consequences. For safety reasons alone, helmets should be required.

There are many costly ideas to improve safety on hills. Hills could be less steep. People should have to wear full body armor. These are expensive and foolish ideas. Wearing a helmet is not. It is a very easy and inexpensive plan which would have excellent results in helping people to be safer on dangerous hills.

The man was not made to strap skis on his feet and ski down a mountain. But we do it anyway. It is not too much to ask that extra precautions are taken to ensure we are safe. A head injury can have a terrible effect, much worse than a broken arm or leg. Some may dispute that idea such as Boris Johnston, the mayor of London, who recently stirred up trouble by saying that a woolly hat was enough protection.

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