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Write a 2 pages paper on pr week 3. a) Identification of the risks in the strategy The strategy to be used during the Public relations campaign will be associated with some risks and unless they are identified and either avoided or addressed, the Public relations campaign might not bring the desired results. For this case, Riordan Manufacturing should ensure that they Public relations campaign in free from any scrutiny from the either the public or the media.

Since Riordan’s manufacturing plant in China is to be relocated, the company should be aware that the media will be on their heels trying to find out more about the company and as the policy of the media, the negative news usually attracts the audiences’ attention and the media would go for it of course. For this case, the company ought to be aware that it should not be having any pending negative incident that might have rocked the company in the recent times.

Riordan being an international company the deals with customers from all corners of the world, they must ensure that they have solved any international ethical issues that might be pending. Being an international company also, the company also ought to be aware that it needs to safeguard the customer’s confidential information before it get to the wrong hands. For this case, they must assure their customers that their confidential information or data such as medical information does not get to the media. This fear on the side of their customer might result to most of their customers withdrawing from their organization resulting to losses.

There might be an impact that will be experienced as result of relocating Riordan’s Manufacturer China’s plan. Some of the negative impact would be losing some valuable employees who might not be willing to move to new location. This kind of a loss might in the long run have an impact on the good will of the organization. If these employees lands on another job opportunity at a Riordan’s competitor, they might reveal most of Riordan confidential information of doing business. This will in turn affect Riordan manufacturer as their confidential information will be known by their competitors and the competition might even become tougher.

b) A media release and a media distribution list for the media release.

We at Riordan Manufacturing plant, have ensured that we produce and

manufacture products for our customers that are of high quality with the latest technology. We have always been looking forward to suggestions from our customers on how we can improve our products in order to cater for the ever growing human needs and satisfying them at an affordable cost. We have also ensured that we also lead as far as producing and distributing our products to the world.

For this case, we have taken into consideration some of our customers’ requests to relocate our China manufacturing products in order to offer our services to a large number of clients. We would like to assure our customers that the company has taken all consideration in arriving at this decision and no single business will be affected. All our customers’ information is secure since we adopted the Sarbanes-Oxley requirements as far as internet security is concerned. We welcome any other suggestion from our customers on how we can be able to serve you better and anyone with a query is welcome to our offices at any time.

Media distribution list will be Newspaper, Magazine, Television, Radio, and Bill Boards.


Center, A & Jackson, P.

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