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Write a 2 pages paper on fund raising research assignment. BCS annual giving programs Comparing and contracting the annual giving programs Both the of Oregon and the University of Cincinnati depend mostly on gift levels in order to make their annual giving programs. The gifts which the University of Oregon depends on include endowment gift agreement, expendable gift agreement, letter of intent, and multiyear pledges. These are the only gifts which were found on their website, but their website also showed gift destinations and donor preferences to what fund to give. On the other hand, the University of Cincinnati offered annual and cumulative gifts.

The University of Oregon has no volunteer system despite being known for its charitable and volunteer work while the University of Cincinnati does not list volunteers as directly assisting in fund raising on their websites, but they were highlighted in foundation advertisement on other sites like Facebook and Youtube.

The University of Oregon does not offer member benefits online like the University of Cincinnati does, where donors get free parking, library privileges discounts on university bookstore, recognition at annual Honor Roll of Donors, complimentary classes, and special invitation to special events.

The University of Cincinnati advertises an event which helps to supplement their annual fund-raising while the University of Oregon does not use such a system.

The Michigan State University is so different from both the University of Oregon and Cincinnati though the former has a gift level system, too. The annual gifts of Michigan State University are presidents club, Beaumont Tower Society, John A. Hannah Society, Jonathan L. Snyder society and Theophilus C. Abbot Society. Michigan state university is different from the other two universities since volunteers are the main contributors to their fund-raising, and the institution has a calling program run by volunteers. This program is important since it is a student led voice, and it is used to build strong relationships with alumni. On top of that, Michigan State University organizes events which supplement their annual fund-raising: Broad Art Museum event, Secchia Center event and Corporate Alumni event.

There is a big gap between a university and a high school in terms of resources. In that regard, there was a big difference between the high school I researched and the research on the three universities. I believe that the high school could largely benefit from implementing some of the procedures that these universities have.

Some of the programs this high school will have to implement include building a school website. The website will enable the alumni to get more information about what the schooling is aiming to achieve, reminisce and stay connected to the community and the high school. The website should be designed in such a way that there is a place where donors can give money online and without having to specify the amount. This will be important as it will not restrict donors to the amount to contribute. Events should be organized annually in order to draw donors, and the organizers have to provide that the donors are honored at the university’s events.

A volunteer program should be implemented to assist in everyday relationship building and jobs needed to be done. These volunteers will offer the help needed to the athletic director desperate to organize such events but not having people to help him.

The website should be a foundation through which the high school will be able to get enough resources to implement other programs aimed at funding the annual giving. I believe that with fruitful implementation of these programs, the school will be very successful.

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