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Write a 2 pages paper on attendance and participation reflection. Attendance and Participation Reflection Insert of Introduction The topic of cloud computing made my mind tick towards the need to improve my fathers small computing business back at home. I had not known how best computers can be interconnected in order to enable the sharing of data and other important common resources such as exchange of e- mails among different people by using common software through remote interconnection of several computers. Indeed, the more I attended these classes, the more I was able to envision the broader picture of how I could manage this cloud computing thing in my father’s computing business. This paper will look at my reflection on the attendance of cloud computing classes.

I began attending the classes with an aim of advancing my understanding of computing and internetworking of computers in order to advance my understanding of the interconnectivity of the computers in a network. I had not imagined of using the interconnection aspect to ease the work at my father’s business. However, when I realized the need to improve the mode of operation of the business through cloud computing, I became more and more interested in the course and devoted much of my time in learning what actually this new aspect in the field of computing really mean and how I could apply this knowledge to improve and expand the business. The course made me realize that I can actually use only one computer as my main server and connect several other computers (commonly referred to as the daughter computers) to it in order to share information from a single pool. These other daughter computers (sister stations) can then be linked to one another and the same software be used at the same time by several other users (multiple user aspect) (Jansen and Grace, 2011).

Upon the realization of how easy computers can make life so cheap and efficient, I tried so much to invest much of my time in learning the basics of interconnectivity so that I could do this back at the business site. The topic on “Reliable and Secure it services” which was taught in the middle of the course actually evoked more my curiosity concerning how banks operate in sharing their services in different regions without actually doing it through the internet as I thought before. The topic was examining how reliable and secure such a network can be as compared to the other types of networking such as the global networking processes enabled by the companies such as Google and Microsoft. I then realized I can help my father expand his business in various regions and monitor the operations and remittance of the income from various sources just from a central point. The practical aspect which we were exposed to during the classes actually exposed me to the basics of the interconnection process on whose background knowledge I carried out the entire interconnectivity and installation of the entire connection of the computers in my father’s business.

As regards my evaluation on class attendance and participation rated on a scale of 0-5, I would award myself 5/5 for class attendance since I have actually attended all my classes given their importance and relevance to me. Besides I would award myself 5/5 for undertaking all my class work very seriously and to completion since my main aim was to develop the practical aspects to use back at home. Concerning class participation, I would award myself 3/5 because I believe I can participate even more as long as I am able to get the much information needed. I often finished most my homework and assignments in time and so I can rate myself by awarding 4/5. Moreover, I have made it a routine coming to class 15 minutes prior to the start of the classes throughout the entire course and so I can award myself 5/5 on this. In total, my overall points concerning class attendance and participation would be 22/25.


Jansen, W. &. ( 2011). Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing. New York: National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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