Write a 14 pages paper on advertising and promotion in ultrachromspec (ucs). This paper illustrates that UltraChromSpec rapidly established a great reputation for its deliverance of superior quality standard of sales and service. As a result, the business of UltraChromSpec expanded drastically in its different field of activities not only in the US but also outside the Swiss borders into Austria and Germany. After twelve years of its initial foundation, UltraChromSpec started to execute its business operations outside Germany by having collaboration with one of the Swiss pharmaceutical giants i.e. Kaiser-Holzer (K-H). Gradually, UltraChromSpec transformed itself from a distributor to a manufacturer. In this connection, after the transformation from a distributor to a manufacturer, the businesses of UltraChromSpec were formed in three major divisions. One of the divisions is the Medical Division. In this division, UltraChromSpec started to sell mainly the hospital laboratory instruments and the critical care products which are manufactured by Kaiser-Holzer (K-H). The other division is the Analytical Division. In this division, UltraChromSpec started to sell electro or optical laboratory instruments. The other division has been the Electronics Division. In this particular division, UltraChromSpec started to sell electronic components and computer peripherals. According to Bruno Muller, the vision statement of the business policy of UltraChromSpec is, “Experience has realized us that we cannot do everything, but at least we can be sure that the activities in which we are engaged to do benefit our customers”. It has been identified that the marketing team of UltraChromSpec which is situated in the headquarters in Zurich had reorganized especially the Analytical Division into two business units and the units were again segregated into two distinct groups. The two business units of the Analytical Division include Analytical Chemical Business Unit (which is again divided into two groups namely Spectrophotometry Product Group and Chromatography Product Group) and Biochemistry Business Unit which is again sub-divided into Ultracentrifugation Product Group and Nuclear Counting Product Group.

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