Write a 12 pages paper on reflexive managers in contemporary organisations. Every manager has to realize that there is dual responsibility associated with this position as the individual has to both accomplish the organizational objectives and provide guidance to the subordinates in giving their best efforts. Moreover, the managers have to perform their self-assessment to review their own set of competencies and make sure that they possess the proficiencies required for assisting the subordinates or employees in contributing effectively within the enterprises (Cunliffe, 2013). In order to provide appropriate resources to the managers, the theorists of the organizational management field have stressed the need for utilizing the reflection process within their job responsibilities.

In the present era, everyone has to act as a reflexive individual who continuously and critically thinks about the way an action is taken by the person. This analysis will allow the individual to assess the act from various perspectives so that he/she can review the perception held by the person and how others will perceive it (Bradbury, 2010. Gunia et al., 2012). Also, most of the contemporary organizations are supporting the designing and implementation of the training programs for the management positions in which managers are given adequate training for becoming the reflexive practitioners or reflexive managers (Broussine & Ahmed, 2013).

The overall aim of such training sessions is to develop the critical thinking and self-assessment techniques in the managers so that they can reflect upon their own course of actions and be assured that a positive, complying and appropriate perception is created in the minds of the subordinates (Bolton, 2010). Moreover, it is stated by Hibbert (2012) that reflexive manager is mandatory for the modern day organizations as the expert has to critically evaluate his/her own practices at three instances i.e. before, during and after the decision/action.&nbsp.

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