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Write 6 pages with APA style on Infection and Immunity portfolio. This is done to minimize the contamination possibility from the outside bacteria. Thus, increasing the credibility and reliability of the outcomes. Care is taken never to hold the glass wear in the Bunsen for a long time to prevent glass fracture. This is a safety precaution as the glass fracture in the laboratory is a safety risks.

First, the investigator must ensure that the correct volume is set and then placing the correct tip onto the pipette. The next precaution is to reduce the contamination by taking the tip from a sterile autoclave while simultaneously avoiding contact with the surrounding. The investigator must ensure that the liquid is brought up slowly never to allow the flow into the pipette while pipetting. Moreover, the one should press down until slight resistance is felt before slowly draining the liquid up. Once, pipetting is completed, press down past the first resistance point till it reaches pipette fully expelling liquid from the tip of the pipette. Finally, dispose of the top in chloros container.

Place the glass spread in a beaker containing small amount of alcohol. Then, the beaker should be kept away from the flame in case it has some spillages. The spreads are then placed in a blue flame holding it till a flame is present. After this, remove the spread from the flame and allow the flame to go out. Once the flame has gone off, allow the spreader to cool. This is done to ensure that the bacteria is never damaged thus reliable outcomes. In case of spillages, and the flame appears on the desk, ask for assistance from the technician or place the glass petri dish and not a plastic petri dish over the flame till the flame goes off.

The inoculating loop is filmed before and after use to minimize the possibility of any contamination. Also, the flaming ensures the reliability of results.

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