Write 6 pages with APA style on Ethnic:intro to ethnic studies,300words on each questions. The presence of new infections or just the threat of their outbreaks influenced a lot in formulating policies against the immigrants such as the Mexicans, Japanese among others who were not pure whites.

The USA immigration policies were relatively fair until the end of the 19th century for the reason that immigrant labor was required to help in developing the economy of the nation. Federal racial restrictions on entry into the US began when the Congress passed immigration laws barring immigrants on the arguments that they were a public health menace. Any immigrant who had been permitted to get into the country, but later became sick would be deported. This is because the public health sector in the 20th century had become popular and had gained impact in immigration policies.

Before the enactments of the discriminating laws such as 1917 Immigration Laws, inhuman medical screening was already being used to restrict the immigrant entrance into the US. Mexicans were subject into disturbing physical examinations at the hands of the US Public Health Service. This had been supported by the white health officers in the US arguing that the Mexican and other immigrants were introducing contagious infections in the country and were not fit biologically like the Whites in America. This medical biasness was worsened by typhus outbreak in Los Angeles which contributed to the unfair health policies leading to securing the US and Mexico border to mark the Mexicans as Outsiders.

Troubled by the increasing number of Japanese immigrants into the country, the health officials and municipal leaders coded a racial language of public health through public speeches and policy formulations which were integrated with the opinions of those who were opposed to the Japanese presence.

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