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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic factors that contributed to industrial revolution in britain. Important conditions that favored the growth of industrialization in Europe include capitalism, a growth of population, peace and increased cross-border markets for industrial goods. Capitalism encouraged people to own private property and make beneficial contracts among themselves. They realized that there was the need to work harder with the objective of acquiring more property. Capitalism was a motivation that enhanced people’s desire towards making inventions since it was the only way towards wealth accumulation. The growth of population in Britain provided the necessary labor for industries and guaranteed a local market for goods and services. Increased labor and demand constituted the primary motivators for an industrial revolution. Britain peace and tranquility prevailed in Britain. this provided a favorable environment for industrial growth. Industrial investors no longer feared destruction of their property caused by conflicts and wars. People, therefore, volunteered to install machinery for industrial production with no fear of destructive activities. International demand for industrial goods was increasing at high rates as people desired to make their lives easy through the use of machinery. This provided opportunities for marketing Britain’s industrial goods. Increased markets encouraged more production and accelerated industrial revolution. Industrial revolution marked a major turning point in history because it influenced approximately all aspects of people’s daily lives.


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