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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic american nurses association. They include, fostering high standards of nursing practice, lobbying the Congress and the healthcare regulatory agencies on such issues that re capable of affecting nurses and the public, protecting both the positive and realistic view if nurses and promoting and protecting the right of nurses at the workplace.

The ANA organization addresses various issues including those dealing with leadership, nursing quality, staffing, compensation, professional standards and improving nursing practice, which are all under nursing practice. On the other hand, the association also handles ethical issues such as the end of life, code of ethics as well as courage and distress. Looking at staffing, for example, there are various issues that the association is addressing. The association acknowledges that staffing issues are those of going concern that affects both the nurses as well as the patients being served. The nurse-to-patient ratio usually determines the satisfaction level of the patients taken care of by the nurses. As such, the higher the ratio is, the more satisfied the patients usually are. Sometimes, when the ratio of nurses to patients is low, the patients may have to stay longer in the hospital waiting to receive services. This increase in the length of stay in the hospital has a lot of losses to the patient. One such loss is that the patient may stay longer to contract new infections, and the hospital bill will also be higher when a patient stays longer in the hospital.

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