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Write 4 pages with APA style on Embryo Glue ( evidence of clinical effectiveness, evaluate clinical service since introduced at the hospital (whether improved success rates, influence service provision) and then look at aspects of timing in lab model)……(Lab based ). azi (2014) observed that the product did not attract significant improvement over the more common media in increasing the rate of embryo implantation among IVF recipients. On the other hand, Valojerdi, Karimian and Baghestani (2006) and Madani and Jahangiri (2012) encouraged use of embryo transfer mediums including EmbryoGlue, based on the positive results the product had returned in the two separate studies. Awford (2014) added his supporting voice by highlighting a case of a couple that had gotten a baby by the help of EmbryoGlue following numerous previous attempts at conception. Several factors are involved in the determination of how successful an implantation is. Two leading factors are the viscosity and toxicity of the media used (Madani and Jahangiri, 2012).

The manner in which viscosity affects embryo development remains a topic for discussion and further research. However, toxicity has negative impact on an embryo’s development. The study investigates the differences in viscosity levels between the ordinary media used for embryo development and a mixture of the said media and EmbryoGlue. For this reason, this study will focus on two main aspects of viscosity and toxicity:

The most abundant compound in EmbryoGlue is hyaluronan (a polymer), which is also found in the fallopian tubes, uterus, and follicles. This compound is crucial for converting the endometrium into a blood-supply-rich layer (Khan, Ritcher, Blake and Yankov, 2007). The process of conversion is also accompanied by emergence of more active glands to enable the endometrium receive the embryo and nourish it further (Layyous, 2014). EmbryoGlue also contains the valuable nutritional chemicals amino acids and carbohydrates that increase the ability of the embryo to attach to the wall of the uterus. The product has greatly influenced IVF.

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