Write 3 pages thesis on the topic are flood victims more concerned about climate change than other people. First, the main independent variable are climatic change and floods. These two are independent in the sense that they do not depend on the people’s perceptions and feelings but are factors that may affect those feelings (Whitmarsh, 2007).

1. Hierarchical coding procedure: this is applicable where several codes group together as different types or kinds of the same variable. The researcher needs to put some of the codes or labels used into a group of their own and make them sub-codes.

2. Chi-square tests. These were used to identify the differences in the response between two groups of people. The floods victims and those who were not floods victims. The coding used in the assessment of the variables were used to get the simple mean in the two groups for comparison.

Qualitative study is reliant mainly on non-numeric data. This refers to the information collected through observations and responses that are not numerically measurable. Qualitative study, therefore, deals with specific life experiences and try to award these experiences with analytical meaning. The author, therefore, chose to use this type of study because it is the best suited to study the life experiences of the floods victims, a phenomenon that cannot be represented numerically. By so doing, the author and the reader can gain a deeper insight and explore in depth the inherent aspect of the phenomenon, the relationship between being a flood victim and the concern for climate change. However, the problem with this kind of research is that, feelings, perceptions and realities are all subjective aspects. Therefore, generalization is difficult.

Validity of a study refers to the best approximation to the truth that the study results are. There are two types of validity. internal and external validity. Possession of internal validity indicates that the variables under study are related to the effects that are being studied.

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