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Write 2 pages with APA style on Strategy memo. Running Head: Strategy Memo Communication Plan to Taco Bell of the of the of the October 23, 2011

TO: Laurie Gannon- Public Relations Director, Taco Bell Corporation

COPY: Executives and Managers of Taco Bell and Kraft Food

FROM: XYZ (Senior Manager at Taco Bell)

SUBJECT: Public Perception and Brand Protection (James 2011, p.57)


Taco Bell taco shells, produced, distributed and sold by Kraft Food has been found to have StarLink- an unapproved ingredient for human consumption.

‘Friends of the Earth’ – a self-interest group would be holding a press conference to discuss subsequent issues and impact of taco shells on humans. Its findings would first find vent in the Monday Edition of Washington Post.

Anticipating negative media exposure, it is now imperative to find solutions to the problems that have arose on Taco Bell and Kraft Food brand image.


Though Kraft Food has recalled its entire line of Taco shells, yet this media conference is supposed to damage the brand image of Taco Bell and also influence the sales of Taco Bell Restaurants. Observing the case and specific instances, following points need particular highlight (Scott 2011).

Because genetically modified food is in its inception stages, public at large is skeptical of such food items. Because its pros and cons are not properly and completely communicated to the general public, none of the taco shell products can find acceptance. Thus, communicating the research done on these food items and their respective benefits and disadvantages is the first priority.

Though various organizations like FDA, GEFA and others are continuously testing and approving GM foods, it is the duty of the producer and marketer to convey details of the product to the public. Absence of this would lead to negative impact and

Public Perception and Brand Protection

October 23, 2011

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unawareness. In this regard, Kraft Food marketers and executives have also to be taken in this endeavor.

To save Taco Bell restaurants’ image getting damaged from this allegation, media has to be used. Further, production of GM foods has to be paused till the matter is heated.


After analyzing the highlights of the case, following action steps have to be taken:

Communicating the benefits of GM foods and adherence to FDA norms in preparing these by Taco Bell and Kraft Food in the press conference to be held. Ensuring that long term effects of these foods will be studied in detail and no harm to humans will be done. Ownership of this step to be taken by Public Relations Director of both Taco Bell and Kraft Food.

Discussing the issues with government and food authorities to find healthy solutions or substitutes. Alternatively, these authorities may also provide testimony of quality and compliance on part of Taco Bell and Kraft Food. This will help counteract the negative influence of this allegation on Taco Bell Restaurants. Ownership of this task is to be taken by senior executives of both the corporations and higher authorities of government and food regulatory bodies. This action will follow immediately after the press conference. A detailed report will also be printed in major dailies.

Another issue is to tackle people who have got ill by the use of taco shells. To combat it, Taco Bell and Kraft Foods have to provide treatment and checkup to those who have suffered or are suffering. This action is essential to maintain customer loyalty and correct the mistakes done by improper research and promotion of GM foods.



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