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Write 2 pages with APA style on IMPACT OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ON INNOVATIVENESS IN ITRC. Impact of knowledge management systems on innovativeness in ITRC Interview Questions The following are the interview questions that are created for three different types of respondents in the ITRC.

1. What does knowledge creation in an organization require?

2. What type of managerial decisions helps knowledge creation in your firm/department?

3. What are the successful factors in knowledge sharing processes?

4. How can knowledge sharing process help in organizational performance?

5. Are you using previous project’s data for designing your new project/product in your firm/department?

6. Has the firm/department initiated some vital &novel method for KM process?

7. How does your company/department introduce new or significantly method for projects problem-solving?

8. How information and experiences of employees in your firm/organization being transmitted/shared with others?

9. What is the culture of your organisation/organization in knowledge creation and sharing?


Independent variables

The size of the research sample

Data analysis and data collection methods

Data processing method

Research design

Dependent variables

Research findings

Data analysis results

An Integrative Management Model system

This model links both strategy and process while offering specific initiatives that are offered at different stages. It is sequential, and it offers a simplified view that enables ease of understanding. The information system supports all the processes and plays a significant role in feeding the information back in the system and tracking progress (Howlett, 2010). However, this model is not all-encompassing because adding more elements to the model makes it more complicated until it has no meaning (Jennex, 2012). This is because KM is a very broad discipline with a lot of elements.


If the knowledge management system of Iran Telecommunication Research Center (ITRC) is efficient and effective, then innovativeness in the telecom industry will be enhanced by improving the knowledge management process, knowledge creation and knowledge sharing.

The Number of people

There are 64 respondents in this study who comprises of 49 males and 15 females. The majority of these respondents are graduates of technical fields such as computer science, digital communication, and telecommunication engineering.Among the respondents,12.5% are Ph.D. holders,18.75% have a master’s degree,25% have a bachelor’s degree,31.25% have an associate degree and 12.5% have a diploma or a technical graduate diploma (Aghmyoni, 2012)

Available data

The research has obtained valuable data in areas that include different types of managerial decision effects on knowledge creation process, requirements in knowledge creation process, impressive organizational cultures that are useful in knowledge creation and sharing.

Response on frequency on novel method for KM process performs and also managerial problem among the projects frequency response data is also available from the research done.

Available Data from survey and focus group

The available data include the data from a comparative analysis that is coded and classified. Based on the analysis and classification results, the most important type of decision in the managerial level that has the greatest effect on knowledge creation according to the survey is senior managers’ support followed by creation of a cultural context and lastly being thoughtful managerial decision.

Data from various models such as Gupta’s KM model that reviews and codes the obtained data based on the process of create, capture, evaluate and disseminate are also available.


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Innovativeness in ITRC.Multimedia university graduate school thesis 1, 51-52.

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Berlin Heidelberg.

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Knowledge management: New technologies. Hershey, Pa: IGI Global (701 E.

Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA.

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