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Write 16 pages thesis on the topic age and acquisition of english as a foreign language. The ‘age factor’ has at all times been one of the chief issues in terms of research and investigations focused on the acquisition of second/foreign language. Nonetheless, the crucial point has now shifted from investigating the question of whether there exists a crucial phase, as observed during the 1970s and 80s, to the suitable time to begin education in L2. Such a trend is mainly applicable in foreign language acquisition perspectives across Europe and visibly apparent in countries like Spain where the age of instruction for teaching English was significantly reduced from 11 years of age to 8 years by the Reforma. It is hence, highly likely that advance improvements might press forward the starting age for learning a foreign language to age 6. Although these changes fail to consider the conclusions from current research, they do, however, replicate the common fear regarding the significance of languages, particularly English, in our every day lives. This book review is, as a result, of supreme significance to teachers as well as students of English as a second/foreign language. It accumulates certain chosen contributions in two parts. The first part deals with “Theoretical Issues” discussed in three chapters which present a general idea about the role of age in learning languages. Chapter 1 in part 1 titled “Critical Period or General Age Factor(s)” written by David Singleton provides a methodical introduction to the CPH Critical Period Hypothesis as well as the theory of CP Critical Period.

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