Write 14 pages with APA style on Business Accounting: Marks & Spencer. The economic tsunami (recession) which started in the first half of 2008 and continued throughout 2009, disturbed the financial fundamentals of many well-known companies around the world, especially those operating in the US and UK. However, the effect of the recession was uneven and the emerging nations managed to overcome it at a much faster rate. China emerged as the fastest growing economy of the world followed by India in the second position (BBC NEWS, 2010).

In an attempt to regain financial stability, companies are restructuring their strategies in such a way so as to expand their market share and attain a competitive position in the market. The present market scenario has prompted the belief that in near future demand is most likely to expand in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India & China) nations. hence the multinational companies are leaving no stone unturned to strengthen their position in the developing nation. Retail is among the one such sector which had to bear the brunt of the financial crisis and economic recession. Though the UK economy is recuperating yet the market experts are of the opinion that it will take a longer time to regain the booming economical condition (BBC NEWS, 2009). Hence for generating better revenue, the retail companies of UK are concentrating more on diversification of their business risk by expanding their overseas markets. The same holds true for Marks & Spencer which is a leading retail company of UK.

To understand the financial sustainability of the company an in-depth analysis needs to be done. The main aim of this analysis is to determine the efficiency of the financial policies followed by the company.

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