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Write 11 pages thesis on the topic designing a house. The building is built on a relatively stable ground and therefore it foundation was a shallow type of foundation. The foundation is concrete mixed poured on a steel reinforcement to an averagely thick slab. The wall was constructed from locally prepared bricks that were arranged in interlocking configuration. The second slap separate the ground floor from the first floor and is concrete reinforced. The roof is joined to the 300mm thick ring beam through metallic straps. Roof is made from iron sheets joined onto the wooden struts through iron sheet nails. The roof has provision left that could be used in the future to introduce tiles. The paper therefore look into the design considerations in coming up with up with the said building using the right material and incorporating the right technical knowledge.

According to Shlash (2001) the design of the foundation takes into the consideration the amount of floors the building will have, the land alignment (topography) and the type of soil. The weight of the foundation is normally taken by the soil underneath where the load is spread. Therefore the total load is transmitted to the footing where it is spread and is expected to be carried by the land surface underneath. Therefore they must have had excavated the foundation to a point where the basement rock started to get the right bearing capacity so that the overall load doesn’t have a large displacement.

Apart from the natural soil stability, they had to find the right building material for the foundation which could carry the large amount of load. They had to make sure the ring needs to be able to carry the required amount of load and must:

In this project the material used is concrete hence it must have the recommended thickness and strength to transfer the load top the bottom surface and the reinforcement must be properly placed to give the right construction stability and positioning (Shlash, 2001).

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