Write 10 pages thesis on the topic how globalization changes canadas urban development after world war 2. These are guided by the primary political objectives of the ruling power and the intricacies of welfare culture’s regional disparities (McBride & Mcnutt, 2007, p. 194).

“Neo-liberalism is a set of economic policies that have dominated politics for the last 25 years. Essentially, neo-liberalism contains many elements. The foundation of neo-liberalism is a free-market economy, where there is as little government intervention as possible (Abu – Jazar, 2009).”

In addition, it is one of the primary objectives of neo – liberalism to effect the privatization of public services. It is contended by its votaries that the private sector, being better equipped in this context, will provide these services in a much more optimal manner. Moreover, the proponents of neo – liberalism argue in favor of reduced expenditure on social services. The aim of this reduced spending being the minimization of intervention by the government (Abu – Jazar, 2009).

The reduction of governmental intervention and promotion of individuality, ensures that a neo – liberal state is peopled by individuals who compete against all the other residents of that state. This promotes tremendous economic growth, as every individual is compelled to fend for himself, without relying upon the state to lend him anything more than the most basic support. A major criticism that is levelled against neo – liberalism is that it generates socio – economic disasters. An instance being the vast disparity between the poor and rich of the developed nations (Abu – Jazar, 2009).

From the perspective of the competition state, the cardinal objectives are to promote economic growth and synchronize policy in a manner that complies with the requirements of the global market. Neoliberals are furnished a useful reference, in achieving these goals, by the global hegemonic ideology and the national policy experiments (McBride & Mcnutt, 2007, p. 194).

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