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Write 1 page with APA style on Reviewing the Literature and Applying Theory. Critical Appraisal al Affiliation) Critical appraisal relates to the systematic process of analyzing research material toestablish its value, relevance, usefulness, and validity to a defined research question (Fineout-Overholt, Melnyk, Stillwell, & Williamson, 2010). Critical appraisal is fundamental in evidence-based practice since it aims at assessing the quality of research evidence and deciding whether the research is reliable in making decisions in nursing practice. Apparently, public health decision-making relies on&nbsp.critical appraisal of&nbsp.research evidence. Critical appraisal determines the value of research evidence and promotes its reliable and efficient use in nursing practice. Ideally, high-quality research evidence helps clinicians to offer the most effective and efficient patient treatment. Indeed, critical appraisal aims at informing health policy and nursing practice by allowing researchers, health administrators, and medical practitioners to compare and assess the quality of the research evidence (Carter, 2010). Through critical appraisal, clinicians establish the most reliable high-quality research evidence for nursing practice.

In performing critical appraisal of articles selected for my topic, I will rely on the recommended structured process of analyzing fundamental aspects of the published articles (Jones, Crookes, & Johnson, 2011). I will assess the articles with regard to the quality of evidence, appropriateness of research design, suitability of the research methodology, and usefulness of research evidence to the nursing practice. Assessing whether the articles address the research topic and whether they contain valid, relevant, and reliable evidence will also be paramount (Fineout-Overholt, Melnyk, Stillwell, & Williamson, 2010). I will also derive whether I can generalize the findings of the research article to my practice based on the homogeneity and stability of the contained research evidence. Moreover, I will assess the presence of potential conflicts of interest in my research articles.


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