Write 1 page thesis on the topic worry. Worry Affiliation: Learning is an important practice in the life of a Schools bring together many different people from diverse backgrounds. The interaction of different people within the school environment is critical to the welfare of the individual student. School settings could create worries to the student based on the personality and character of the individual student. Personally, the integration of different cultures, traditions, and beliefs comes with a certain level of worry as far as I am concerned.

Worry of school originates from the notion of being accustomed to international schooling system. For an international student, personal life and experiences give rise to some level of worry in the school setting. The worry revolves around determining the most appropriate ways of interacting and relating with fellow students without exhibiting practices that negate the spirit of diversity. In this respect, individual and nationality differences create worries in the school setting because of the diversity factor therein.

Although worry of school might not necessarily affect the welfare of the student in terms of performance and interaction with the rest of the student population, it is important for an individual to be tolerant to individual differences. Understanding the diversity of the global population significantly enables people to live worry-free lives. Being tolerant to one another allows individuals to either avoid or effectively address factors or practices that cause worry in one way or another. Living without worries, therefore, encompasses understating personal uniqueness as well as that of other people within the same setting or environment.

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